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About BioNano Genomics

This is the important information for long term investors who thinks to invest on BioNano shares.

It is very helpful if you know a little bit of whole genome sequence history. The global human genome was started by globalist Clinton Administration in the 90s. The whole purpose is to better understand all human and non-human species on their genome structure so we could develop better medicines. So, less populated developed countries led by US to send billions of dollars to some most populated countries. Thus ILNM started to have the best NG and started to make tons of money on whole genome assembly projects. Then some clinic applications were developed for prenatal tests and China had one child policy so all pregnant women were so concerned with the possible genetic problems, so ILMN made tons of money in China selling instruments and consumables. Pretty soon they found out the NG technology was not able to get very accurate human genome analysis and people don't know what to do with all the human species since scientific communities realized its structural variations that are critical and linked to human diseases such as cancers. Then it came PACB, the supposed better version for longer read to detect more structural variations, but its too costly for large human genome project. PACB sold most of its instrument to China 2 to 3 years ago, and China stopped purchase due to Corvid based on PACB quarterly report for Q42019. However, if you look Q32020 report, their instrument sales declined 30% over Q32019 and Corvid has been over in China since early March. During the entire 2020 all those major genetic testing centers in China bought more Saphyr from BNGO, cartainly no new purchases from PACB.

So to be short, the whole genome project hype is pretty much disappeared and scientific community need to find those structural variations that are responsible to major human diseases. And in recent years scientific community realized its large structural variations are more linked to deadly diseases. Therefore the sudden interests in Saphyr which demonstrated its strong capability at much lower cost at detecting large SVs. The CEO is demonstrating to the world with world top research institutes and scientists, this is his way of selling his technology to scientific community first then to the clinical world. The human global project is just like Paris Climate Agreement, tons of rich country money will be gone and problems were still there, CO2 will be more, but hopefully, the new tech such as BNGO will be hopeful to cure cancers for humans rich or poor.

This company has the potential and is positioned to be the dominant player in the field, and I would not be surprised to see shares valued over $100 within the next 4 years, to be conservative. If you are stopping yourself from buying because you are waiting for it to dip harder, you need to buy some now. Buy the dip, sure, but the upside potential with this company is so large that your priority should be in securing stock at all. Fretting over changes in price right now aren't worth the FOMO. If it starts to rocket, sure take some profits, but get in now. Amazon was an $18 at IPO, if you could go back in time and buy in, would you refuse because the week you went back to it had gone up a few dollars from the previous IPO price? Their seminars still continue and possible FDA approval is on its way.

Bionano Genomics when you go through internet research to see all the doctors using this on cancer, brain tumors, every disease, every disorder, Covid, heart tissue, cells, bones, plants, animals, fish, the genomic sequencing like never before faster, cheaper and 50% better accomplishing in a day or two that previously took three different labs doing three different things to get done in period of 2 months with a price of $20. This is so much bigger then investors realize it truly is as big as the new internet was and to even call it the Tesla of medicine and science is really understatement cause their is hundreds of thousands of more applications for this of break through for human kind. Not even counting genomic sequencing in criminal investigations with genomic database which is better then the already used DNA database which gives a fingerprint of the DNA but this will tell what function(s) individual genes do.

This Saphyr Optical Sequencing will allow for repairing, profiling and prevention this could literally allow for people to walk again, see again and repair damage done by strokes. The capacity for early diagnosis and treatment could fix brain trauma and prevent even tons of crimes, murders, homicides and suicides since these all stem from damaged parts in the brain. It leads to so many discoveries never done before, the amount of life saved and extended and understood for every species will lead to knowing the biggest mysteries of all living this with endless potential of revenue streams.




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